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Kristina REed February 10, 2011 at 10:23 pm

Wow, Im a newly single mom of 2 beautiful little girls, only single for about 2 months now & I do start to feel myself adapting somewhat. Im in the very early stages of it. Still trying to get a hang of this lifestyle, the changes, the challlenges. But some nights after coming home and handling our crazy evening time routine & the girls are tucked away in bed, I plop down on my couch & am somewhat relieved I have no one else to answer too. Its this in describable feeling that I get sometimes and is so hard to explain to my friends how Im feeling.
I think If I didnt have my 2 beautiful baby girls to keep me focused and distracted, I may have already started suffering the lonliness. But at this point in my life, I somewhat feel like a bunch of doors have opened. Not sure if that feeling will fade….But your video especially the one with the signs describing what you felt, I loved it because shortly after my ex and I split, my daughters and I caught the flu. The 3 of us sick here. I could barely move. And regardless, I still had to take care of them. Feed them, bathe them, wait on them. Even though I felt like I wanted to die. I have lots of family but everyone was working ;( With the flu and all I had to take my littlest to the ER and wait there even the Dr there said i looked horrible. And it just goes to show the miles we have to go because we are the mothers…


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