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Single Mom Dating Advice Videos

Dating as a single mom is not easy but it can be fun and rewarding.

gettingbackoutthereThe key is to keep yourself focused on what really matters — your own happiness and the happiness of your children.┬áIf you have your own question about dating as a single mom please e-mail me at and title your e-mail “Video Single Mom Dating Question.”

Watch my single mom dating advice videos which include:

Single Mom Life Videos

Being a single mom definitely has its ups and downs. These are just a few of the videos that have made my readers laugh or cry (sorry everyone) over the past year or so… enjoy and thanks for watching.

singlemomtattooSingle Mom Tattoo - this spring I decided to get a new leaf tattoo to mark the growth and change I’ve experienced as a single mom and as a woman over the past three years. This video rocks.
singlemomsickday1Single Mom Sick Day - a video I made when Benjamin and I both had the flu.
benjamminBen Jammin’ - my all time favorite video this one is of Benjamin rocking it out on the harmonica when he was just shy of two-years-old. Adorable!

My Single Parent Friends

mattlogelinMatt Logelin
I interviewed Matt in Chicago this winter on what it’s like to have a blog centered around his life and his daughter’s wife after the loss of Liz, his beloved wife. I think you’ll be moved by this video and by Matt’s strength. If you haven’t already discovered his blog – find it here.

zipliningmomsKristin of Better Now
In the spring of 2009 Benjamin and I visited Vancouver to visit and meet blogging buddy and single mom Kristin D. and her son Nolan. Our two boys drove us over the edge - literally.

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