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Single Mom Dating Advice Videos

Dating as a single mom is not easy but it can be fun and rewarding.

gettingbackoutthereThe key is to keep yourself focused on what really matters — your own happiness and the happiness of your children.┬áIf you have your own question about dating as a single mom please e-mail me at and title your e-mail “Video Single Mom Dating Question.”

Watch my single mom dating advice videos which include:

Single Mom Life Videos

Being a single mom definitely has its ups and downs. These are just a few of the videos that have made my readers laugh or cry (sorry everyone) over the past year or so… enjoy and thanks for watching.

singlemomtattooSingle Mom Tattoo - this spring I decided to get a new leaf tattoo to mark the growth and change I’ve experienced as a single mom and as a woman over the past three years. This video rocks.
singlemomsickday1Single Mom Sick Day - a video I made when Benjamin and I both had the flu.
benjamminBen Jammin’ - my all time favorite video this one is of Benjamin rocking it out on the harmonica when he was just shy of two-years-old. Adorable!

My Single Parent Friends

mattlogelinMatt Logelin
I interviewed Matt in Chicago this winter on what it’s like to have a blog centered around his life and his daughter’s wife after the loss of Liz, his beloved wife. I think you’ll be moved by this video and by Matt’s strength. If you haven’t already discovered his blog – find it here.

zipliningmomsKristin of Better Now
In the spring of 2009 Benjamin and I visited Vancouver to visit and meet blogging buddy and single mom Kristin D. and her son Nolan. Our two boys drove us over the edge - literally.

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Dave April 17, 2009 at 3:12 pm

"Single Mom Sick Day" is a powerful video because it shows YOU. It makes me feel so much. It makes me remember when I felt there was so much missing in my life. (Too bad they didn't have bloggers then to show me how to heal quicker) That time was my childhood because my mom was divorced & remarried 11 times. Now I have grown older and healed and realize that I have nothing missing in my life. It is not about yesterday or tomorrow. It is about this moment. Keep writing that great blog. It helps others, as well as you. Bless you

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