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Screw you, Disney.

June 14, 2008

1. Tell toddler you are going to make him toast for breakfast. 2. Sit him on the counter or the table so he can’t move or run away. 3. When toddler says, “Toeeess?” answer with, “Toes??? You want to eat my toes???!!! NOOOOOO! Please, please, please don’t eat my toes!!!” 4. Jump up and down […]

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Who needs a husband anyway?

June 7, 2008

The Census Bureau reports that half of the 60 million American women who are 45 and older are single. In his News Day article, Peter Jackson writes that while many of the women are divorced or widowed others are “single by design.” He cites The New Single Woman, a book by E. Kay Trimberger, a […]

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Boys vs. Men

June 3, 2008

There are men, and then there are boys… This weekend two boys (who shall remain unnamed) where sitting in my kitchen. I was hosting a mini after hours thing. So, I popped a pizza in the oven. “I’m running outside, keep an eye on the pizza, okay?” “What? What are we supposed to look for?” […]

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How to Date a Single Mom, Part 3

May 29, 2008

Thomas, aka “the Dane”, started reading this blog long before his visit. And this morning, I found this in my inbox – a guest blog entry from Thomas on his experience with Benjamin and I. For the men, this is the perfect addition to my series on How to Date a Single Mom. And for […]

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Copenhagen or Bust!

May 25, 2008

Tell toddler his or her microscopic plastic monkey wants to ride in a boat. Hint: Make monkey whisper in your ear. Act alarmed and sad when plastic monkey tells you he’s never, ever been in a boat before. Ask toddler if he or she knows where the monkey can find a boat. Remind toddler of […]

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Via Text: Wanna Go Out?

May 9, 2008

When did men start asking women out with a text message?

I got married in 2004 and divorced in 2007. In 2004, men definitely didn’t do this.
Text Case #1:

Subject: A guy who asked me out at a bar. We had a brief text exchange the next morning.

My Text: Thanks for your number. Had fun playing pool!

His Text: And just think how much fun it would have been had you won a game!

My Text: Yeah, really! What’s your e-mail?

No response. My friend and I concluded it must have been my asking for his e-mail. “That’s weird,” she said. Clearly I don’t know text rules. Clearly.

Five days later he sends me another one.

His Text: Any plans tonight?

My Text: Nope, just staying in.

His Text: Yeah, probably the same thing for me.

I haven’t responded.

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Did I lose my Mr. Good Enough?

May 7, 2008

I’m a dating single mom. It’s hard. Very hard. The dating part. The single mom part, not so bad. You get used to it. You adapt and pretty soon, you can’t imagine life any other way. But the dating part – it can be a drag. I am not in urgent need of a man […]

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MySpace and Facebook Ex Purge

May 1, 2008

I did it.

Just deleted several ex-boyfriends from my Facebook and MySpace pages. Felt wonderful. I highly recommend it. There are a few reasons for this sudden decision, but to spare anyone’s feelings I won’t write about them.

All I can say is that … there are some guys who are earning the purple octopus label. There are others, who are fighting a valiant fight, defying the odds and making me scratch my head wondering when their purple octopus eyes will pop out.

Read my past post on Do You Keep Up with Your Ex on MySpace or Facebook for more virtual love fun.

There is hope.

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Men. Shopping. And FREE stuff (from under my couch).

April 30, 2008

Benjamin has been at my mom’s for three days now. I’ve been so busy…having fun! Lots of it.

Tonight I worked late to catch up on some big projects, then popped into Ann Taylor Loft and found quite a few treasures on the sales rack. Two super cute summer tops, a necklace and a belt!

Then I headed to the coffee shop. For the past few weeks Benjamin and I keep bumping into this guy. We’re usually in a hurry but there’s always quick small talk. Tonight, I’m a childless mama … so we could actually talk. I pay for my coffee and then see him … I fill my coffee with creamer and sugar and then just do it – I just walked right up and said, “Hi!”

Immediately we were chatting it up and then he asked me to sit down. We talked for about 45 minutes. It was like a spontaneous mini-date. Will it ever be a real date? Who knows. I’m indifferent. And honestly, after our mini-date, not sure if I want a real one. (Purple Octopuses).

That’s the funny thing about asking men out just walking up and talking to them. You might find that a “crush” really isn’t that crush worthy. Then you don’t waste time wondering about him. Would you rather have the wax ripped off in one quick flick or would you rather it slowly pulled, piece by piece?

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You’re a single mom?!!!

April 27, 2008

I love seeing the look on men’s faces when I say, “Okay. You have to leave now.” or “It’s 11:00 o’clock! Holy crap. You’ve got to go. I need to sleep.”


We say “I’m a single mom.”

They try to digest it. Think they can. Get over it.

And then when that moment comes. The moment when you absolutely must sleep because you have to wake up at the crack of dawn…99.9% of them just stare with a blank face.

All dating rules they’d ever known are thrown out the door. Because they’re looking into the face of a very attractive, strong and sexy woman who has one mission – and that mission does not involve them.

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