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Over the Edge

May 21, 2009

Ever felt like you just want to dive off a mountain top? No? I hadn’t either.  That was until I spent three days straight with Nolan and Benjamin, two adorable three-year-olds who, when together, can’t stop beating on each other. Like a cosmic formula Kristin and I’s sons had it out for each other during […]

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This Place

May 17, 2009

I counted on this. But not on this. Jet lag, the remnants of a cold and a three-year-old’s inability to process the words, “stop hitting Nolan” have stolen my little guy away and replaced him with the kid you see above. It’s been interesting. We also went ziplining today… over a canyon. It was, as […]

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May 14, 2009

Double trouble. Benjamin has jet lag so he’s like a wild man. His madness is a bit contagious inspiring Nolan to try new things – like running away from the mommies onto soggy beach rocks. And their mommies are inspiring each other too. Keep checking for new pictures in my photo gallery. And, as always, […]

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