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March 11, 2008

There are two camps. Those who believe I should cut my son’s hair and those who think it’s absolutely adorable. Both are incredibly passionate about it because apparantly a little boy with long hair stirs some emotions.

The two camps:

1. “Cut that boy’s hair now, you evil woman.”

These are usually married parents (don’t know why but this is the trend) who can’t stand to see a boy with hair past his ears. They drop the “when are you going to cut his hair?” line after 20-30 minutes of small talk. The setting – a party or intimate gathering. Some have actually told me, I shouldn’t “do that” to him. Sigh.

2. “His hair is SO adorable, you rock!”

This camp consists of my super chic mama friends who think my son looks hip and of course, absolutely adorable. Other members include absolute strangers who proclaim their love for his hair. They usually give me a nod of approval that rings of some club I didn’t know I was a member of.

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