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The dating front

May 4, 2009

I’ve met a bear. It’s quite ironic actually because after I wrote about the tiger and the lion, a bear showed up. What’s even odder is that so many of you had commented telling me only a bear would do. And I sat here reading those comments, wondering – perplexed. Why the bear? What’s with […]

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Dear Single Men:

May 22, 2008

I would like to introduce you to a phone. That thing with numbers. You push them. Then you talk to the person on the other end, and if it’s a girl you’re asking out for the very first time you make the call at a reasonable hour – ask her questions about herself, yada, yada […]

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He texted me again! WTF?

May 13, 2008

Last night I was running around cleaning like crazy. (I have a house guest coming, a very handsome house guest from Denmark and also one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known). So I’m bustling around cleaning as much as I can because Benjamin was at his father’s. Then I hear it. Beeeupp. The text […]

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