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A frog in a microwave.

May 7, 2008

Recently someone described me as a frog in a microwave. (I’ve been slammed with projects lately).

“What? What in the hell does that mean?” I ask, my eyes are probably bugging out of my head with stress.

“It’s like you’re in there, and you know – and if you’re in there much longer … you’ll explode.”

A few days ago I read a brochure about frogs dying off and rapidly nearing an extinction. Ampibiens, it said, are like canaries in a coal mine – the first species to fall victim to global warming. Is that true?

Feel like there’s something with this frog theme.

And last month Benjamin’s audio CD from Giddio was about frogs. About three kids trying to save some local frogs from a highway construction project.

Are the frogs trying to tell me something?

Warning: this is what happens to single moms who do not get enough sleep. Sleep single parents – STOP reading this blog and go to sleep.

This frog is definitely going to pass out and wake up with her two-year-old prince. How old are your princesses and princes? How do you manage to keep up with them?

[Photo Credit: Find this awesome photo for your destop, here at Vlad Studio]

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Sleep deprivation is a cruel, cruel thing.

January 12, 2008

This is dedicated to every parent who hasn’t slept through the night for months and months. Until 10 days ago my 2 year old has been waking up nearly every night. I have had few all-nighters streaks but… on average he’s up at least once, maybe twice or three times a night.

Maybe I’m an idiot and every other mother knows this – but just in case I’m not – here’s what I figured out.

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