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Haunted Bedford?

August 27, 2009

Remember how I mentioned John Bear being a bit “creeped out” when we arrived at our bed and breakast in Bedford, PA. Well, check this video out: Hope you enjoy. And do me a favor… if you live in New York City (and don’t hate me) please spread the word about this event for single […]

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Single and Fabulous (?)

March 26, 2009

Last fall before I rushed out the door to meet Cabin Man… I wrote a post reflecting on Benjamin’s birth.  In it I mentioned a vision of his face I’d had while pregnant: The dreams intensified in the last few months of my pregnancy and once, in a night dream, I saw his face. He […]

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The man in the kitchen.

July 20, 2008

One of the hardest things about becoming a single mother is learning how to present that fact to the world. After all, every single mother was once a non-single mother who probably had stereotypes of her own about single moms. The stereotypes being that we are untrustworthy, unwanted and unreliable (amongst others). But in reality the […]

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Nerds make better lovers.

January 20, 2008

The founder of, Craig Newmark, says it often in interviews…”nerds make better lovers.” When I first read this I giggled to myself because I have been happily dating nerds now since becoming a single mother. Since switching to nerds the cool, suave guys don’t even phase me anymore. This is coming from a woman […]

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