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Help! Major Single Mama Decision…

February 19, 2008

Monday night my Ex has our son. He takes him to his girlfriend’s house for the night. Don’t have time to get into how I feel about that…the jury is still out as this is a new phenomenon. But – Monday night is my only “free” night of the week. My mom, who we lived with after I left my husband, wants to keep him tonight. That would be two nights without Benjamin. I haven’t had two nights (and three days!) away from him since he was born – two years ago.

I’m nervous about saying yes only because that’s two sleepovers in a row at different places…should I say yes??? I don’t know…so I’m asking for your help. Any other moms out there with some advice? I know he won’t be permanently tramatized or anything – just worried he’ll be in a funk for the rest of the week and clingier than usual. I think we both need this though. Maybe I need a little break.

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