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Co-Parenting and Mrs. Brady

January 11, 2010

John and Benjamin had a bit of a falling out over our Christmas vacation. And if you think a three-year-old and a thirty-year-old can’t be at odds, than I’m about to enlighten you. In October, I gave John permission to take Benjamin into time outs when he witnessed bad behavior, or when John found himself […]

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Trippin’, Part 2

August 13, 2009

When I meet a single and childless girl I feel an urge to sit her down and have a talk – like a grandmother would. No, honey, not that one. I don’t care how cute he is or how much money he makes. No, that doesn’t matter. He may be whispering in your ear and […]

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My Boyfriend

July 19, 2009

Just when I thought I had mastered all of the awkward single mom phrases, learning to say things like “ex-husband” or “visitation” without flinching, another term comes my way – boyfriend. Single mom or not, I have never been a fan of the word. Boyfriend just seems so juvenile, to call a boy your friend […]

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