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Conversations with Benjamin

February 24, 2010

“Mommy.” “Yeah, Benjamin.” “You have a tattoo on your butt. That’s funny. Ha. Ha. So funny.” “Well, it’s not really on my butt.” “Yes, yes it is Mommy! Look!” “Okay, that’s enough, keep your hands off of me.” ——– “Mommy.” “Yeah, what’s up Benjamin?” “I want to lift your car off the ground tomorrow morning. […]

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Little shop of horrors.

January 25, 2009

A girl has to get her hair cut.  Especially when she’s leaving on a fun weekend escapade in six days (more on that later). Unable to find a sitter, I decided earlier this week (thanks to my Twitter peeps) to just take Benjamin to the salon with me. The place, right down the street from […]

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A new smile.

August 6, 2008

Funny how little I care after seeing him in that much pain. Glad it’s gone. Sayonara dead tooth. Too bad. Benjamin worked hard to get those two front teeth in… here is teething at 5-months… And still… gnawing at 8 months. Not sure when they finally came in. I didn’t have this blog, no journal […]

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Kathie Lee (a.k.a The Idiot) meets Dooce.

May 8, 2008

If you didn’t see Dooce’s interview on the Today Show, watch it here.

You’ll hear Kathie Lee Gifford admit she doesn’t even use computers and then proceed to tell Heather B. Armstrong, “I have mixed emotions about it (her blog), I have to be honest with you – you seem like a lovely lady – but there’s something that worries me about it…the safety issue of putting your kids online.”

Heather then tries to throw it back on her…”well, you live in New York City and you walk down the street…”

Then they cut Heather off and ended the story.

And by the way, here’s Kathie Lee Gifford’s “blog” – which we can now safely assume is a total fake. Too bad the producers didn’t prep her before the show – “Kathie Lee, don’t forget – you have your own blog.” Oops.

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Mission Not Accomplished: the Thomas Lo Rider

April 29, 2008

This weekend Benjamin discovered that if he took his tricycle to the top of our front yard he could zoom all the way down the little hill, down the driveway and then take a hard right turn onto the sidewalk. He nearly flipped twice. So after his nap on Saturday it was off to Target – to find a safe replacement – one with rubber wheels and more weight.

Our pick: the Huffy Thomas Lo Rider Bicycle.

When Benjamin saw the box he started jumping up and down, “Train! Thomas! Traaaiinnn…chooooo…biiiikkkkkeee! More? More? More?”

“Okay, baby.” I know, I know – I’m a sucker.

But it’s only the Thomas obsession. Gets me every time. And the box said it had rubber coated wheels. It’ll do, and if not, I’ll just sell it on Craigslist and find a different one.

So we buy it. We come home, jump out of the car and open the box. His two-year-old ameba brain is, of course, expecting a bike to pop out. Mine is more prepared.I have my little screw driver, my hammer (don’t know why I grabbed a hammer) and some scissors.

And then, there it is. A pile of pieces. This is easy? I tried to breath, it had been a long day…a very long day. And for a split moment I actually wished I had a husband to help. But I sucked it up and dove in.

The two page instruction manual was useless. There weren’t even clear labels or illustrations of each part. Yes, guys, I need them to tell me what each little screw, nut and bolt is. Then Benjamin took off with the bicycle seat and two tires. He stopped at the front porch where he knelt down and started hammering the tires ferociously into the pavement. BANG. BANG. BANG. I think he was trying to help.

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A profound thought and a new project.

April 23, 2008

Two-year-olds can learn how to clean up after themselves. Right?

A project.

Wish me luck!

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