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leaving your husband

On quitting your day job.

May 31, 2009

First things first.  After Benjamin woke up he watched a movie while I started cleaning (like a crazy woman) and then he joined me… we didn’t stop until every last room had been scrubbed down and organized (relatively speaking) because trading this desk for this desk means I have to keep everything spic and span […]

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Why I am a single mother.

December 2, 2007

The first time I thought of leaving my ex-husband I was just 8 weeks pregnant. He was unemployed again and spent his days parked on the couch without a care or worry. “I’ll get a job when I need to, just stop to talk,” he would say in his thick french accent that was no longer sexy, now it was just annoying. Then there was also his complete unwillingness to improve our relationship. But instead of leaving him, I kicked him out.

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