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Butterflies vs. Lead Weights

February 21, 2010

When I met John Bear I didn’t have non-stop butterflies jumping around in my stomach. I didn’t ache or pine for him. I didn’t daydream about him, waiting for him to call. Instead, I felt like a level-headed woman, slowly falling for someone who swept me away with his generosity, kind spirit, sweet surprises and […]

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Love at first sight.

August 12, 2008

This weekend I was telling one of my friends how lucky she is to have such an incredibly fulfilling marriage with such an amazing man.They are both blissfully in love and I’m sure they are “soul mates.”

Then she told me about her mother, who was a single mom until she finally met her husband when she was 46-years-old. “You’ll find someone,” she said sweetly.

“You know what though. I might not. And that’ll be okay. Really. Because I’ve already met one soul mate and that’s more than most people meet.”

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