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Elmo Death Threat. Freaky toys unite and Fisher Price sucks.

February 23, 2008

You know the drill. Dinner. Bathtime. Bedtime. Clean up time … it’s when your child’s dolls and gizmos come alive in a chorus of freaky phrases as you put them away…”come play with me”… “let’s sing!”…”Kill (insert child’s name here).” Yep. A mother in Florida replaced the batteries in her son’s Fisher Price Elmo Knows Your Name doll and now instead of saying “Hi James,” he’s saying “Kill James.”

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Thomas would kick Mickey Mouse’s ass. Elmo would watch.

February 7, 2008

In hopes of preventing my son from unnecessary and costly material obsessions – I have limited his exposure to all typical child fascinations. But all of the following have somehow slipped in. Benjamin, just shy of two, has now developed fascinations with Thomas, Mickey and Elmo.

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