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The Great Dane

May 20, 2008

He had to knock down my door. Well, not literally, but thanks to a visit from Thomas, my friend from Denmark, this single mom was “forced” to spend five days straight with a man. And imagine, being a single man, visiting a long lost friend from college who now has a two year old. Most […]

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Toddler-free (for one week?)

April 30, 2008

My mom has had Benjamin since Tuesday morning. She’d been dying to see him and begged me to hand him over for a night. They’ve been having so much fun and now she’s offering to take him for the rest of the week, “You need a break. You do. And that’s what grandmother’s are for, right?”

So at this point … (Wednesday morning) … I’m still all for it.

I do need a bit of a break. Benjamin has been in full blown terrible two mode for a few weeks now, and it’s been tough – really tough. I’ve reached my breaking point way too many times. So, if she really can make it until Friday, this will be the longest time we’ve ever been apart.

Not sure if I can make it until Friday, but I feel like I have to … have to allow myself a guilt-free week of fun dinners out with friends, shopping and sleeping – lots of sleeping.

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OMG! I think I’m moving to the burbs!

April 10, 2008

I am meeting with an attorney tomorrow … to put an offer on the house!

I went to see it on my lunch break today … was it just this afternoon? Yep. It was love at first sight. It’s so cozy, comfortable and safe. And the aura – is magnificent. Good vibes all around.

And guess who lives in it now? A single woman in her 40’s. No kids. But a strong single woman who’s kept the place absolutely pristine. The house has a magnificent aura. And the view from the living room window? An old park. (The new park with the mountain climbing wall is down the block). But Benjamin will wake up every morning and see “his” park.

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Turn-offs and Red Flags: What are yours?

April 3, 2008

I know you’re out there. My blog stats tell me so…I’m not a math wizard but about 97% of you aren’t leaving comments. Which is fine, I’m happy to have you! Believe me. And no pressure, but I was hoping you could do me a little favor – tell me a few things about yourself […]

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