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My Disclaimer & My Apologies.

June 12, 2008

So this single parent thing … it just gets harder doesn’t it? I’ve been put in my place lately by those single parents out there who have been at it far longer than I have. Tisk, tisk, you young newbie. You think you don’t need a husband? What about intimacy? Oh yeah – that. Well, […]

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The Dawn of Mommy Blogs

May 4, 2008

Mankind’s media landscape has been controlled by men since the first printing press spit out a bible. Oh, and if you haven’t heard – you’re a rib.

Now it’s our turn

We are lifting the black curtains, inviting other families into our lives and are finding, above all, that we’re not alone. Stereotypes, perhaps you had one about single moms when you found my website, are vanishing, walls are coming down and we’re finally speaking to each other about our fears, our joys, our loses and our victories – or about what our kid wiped on the wall last night. Mom blogs are strong voice for women every where.

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