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Conversations with Benjamin

February 24, 2010

“Mommy.” “Yeah, Benjamin.” “You have a tattoo on your butt. That’s funny. Ha. Ha. So funny.” “Well, it’s not really on my butt.” “Yes, yes it is Mommy! Look!” “Okay, that’s enough, keep your hands off of me.” ——– “Mommy.” “Yeah, what’s up Benjamin?” “I want to lift your car off the ground tomorrow morning. […]

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How to Make a Toddler Laugh

June 12, 2008

1. Tell toddler you are going to make him toast for breakfast. 2. Sit him on the counter or the table so he can’t move or run away. 3. When toddler says, “Toeeess?” answer with, “Toes??? You want to eat my toes???!!! NOOOOOO! Please, please, please don’t eat my toes!!!” 4. Jump up and down […]

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My Mini Bob Dylan

June 4, 2008

This weekend I was busying myself in the kitchen when I heard a harmonic melody pouring down the stairs. I shot up to Benjamin’s room like a bolt – just to catch it – and there he was, sitting cross legged jamming on his harmonica. Tonight I put him in front of the iMac. Enjoy! […]

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Prince Charming can kiss my ass

May 14, 2008

Once upon a time, I was in love with my son’s father. At the beginning, he would make me breakfast every morning. He would hold me tight and whisper sweet nothings into my ear. We couldn’t get enough of each other. The sexy french accent didn’t help either. And when he told me it was […]

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