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Butterflies vs. Lead Weights

February 21, 2010

Earlier this weekend a single mom girlfriend of mine was telling me about a recent nice guy she’s dating who pampers her with dinners, gifts, nice words and kind actions but there’s something missing. “I just don’t feel the butterflies,” she said. And while this guy may not be a keeper, I still had to […]

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Recovering bad boy addict here.

December 3, 2008

“You may feel like something is missing, “ says my therapist in regards to my budding relationship with Mr. Man, who is – by far – the most caring, considerate and empathetic man I’ve ever been with, “This is probably because, in the past, you’ve only been with emotionally unavailable men.” I hadn’t told her […]

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Sextards and Wankers.

October 12, 2008

I wish I could, but I can not lay claim to the term Sextard. Here’s where I found it, Ask E. Jean. The definition: a guy who just wants you for sex. Pretty cool website actually. Type in your question, like “Why do I fall for bad boys?” and E. Jean will give you a […]

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