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Holed Up

February 26, 2010

Benjamin came home with a headache on Tuesday. Which turned into a fever on Tuesday night. Which turned into puking on Wednesday night. Which turned into… ahhh, no rx never mind. The sick fairies spared John Bear and I the vomiting but left us with severe headaches and congestion. Benjamin pukes like a champ by […]

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Sunday Divine

May 3, 2009

Shopping for the pieces and parts to make a necklace for single moms is not as easy as you think it may be.  Which is a lovely thing to figure out after you’ve had a leaf tattooed on your back. I am not giving up though. Nope. Instead I’m now shopping for a leaf necklace […]

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His first and his last.

March 18, 2009

On Saturday morning I slipped away in the middle of the night to jump on another plane. This time Benjamin had to stay behind. I let him fall asleep in my bed so I could watch him drift while I packed. He spent his last few moments awake begging me to stay, prescription “Mommy, check […]

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Oh snap. This is hard.

February 18, 2009

MY VIRTUAL HELLO BEN JAMMIN’ A NOTE FROM THE WAR ZONE SINGLE MOMS & DATING Modern Single Momma and I take to the streets of San Francisco to interview men on what it’s like to date a single mom. HOW TO DATE AS A SINGLE MOM See my pictures on Flickr. Prince Charming can kiss […]

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To lift your spirits:

December 10, 2008

What are yours?  We’ve talked about red flags before… but once you’ve let him in – given him the green light – what are the little things or big things that break the deal? I’d imagine our deal breakers, this site there for sale as single moms, doctor are bit tougher than the single and […]

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O’ the stores outside are frightful…

December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving rocked! We spent my four days off out at Grandma’s and I have the crazy pictures to prove it. I was going to write a big, shop long, slightly cheesy post tonight but instead I’m going wtih all of these pictures. Here’s Benjamin refusing to put on a hat and giving me a familiar […]

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A cramp in my style…

November 5, 2008

Read the inspiring Ultimate Single Mom Contest responses and add your own here. If you didn’t win and you’d like your own t-shirt browse all of the styles here. You won’t have ANY problems meeting fellow single moms and dads if you’re wearing one of these!  P.S. If you haven’t seen it yet i […]

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The Dirty Laundry.

October 23, 2008

Men, dosage men, seek men. They certainly are falling from the sky lately. Leah, purchase of Mama, a phenomenal single mom blog I just discovered, asked me what my secret was in her comment on my last post. And I have to answer because I think each and every one of you has the […]

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“Is your blog your boyfriend?”, etc.

October 11, 2008

Someone asked me if my blog was my boyfriend yesterday. I said – “Yes!” without hesitation. This blog is my boyfriend. It keeps me happy, makes me laugh and sometimes talks back. And it occupies my evenings. Ha! Is that nuts? I’m not sure… I’ve always been an extremely driven workaholic and writing has always been my passion.

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Apocalypse Now?

October 8, 2008

Save the date for this! And, ailment I believe, you’ll be able to call in! In addition to yours truly you’ll hear from Matt Logelin, O Solo Mama and Sassafrass Jess. It’s all thanks to and Rachelle Chase, the host of SMW BlogTalkRadio. Click here to listen to Rachelle’s interview with John Gray, author […]

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