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Dating online

How to Date Online (for the single parent).

September 18, 2008

To avoid an awkward date from hell, put a time limit on the first date from the start. Say something like, “Tuesday will work but I have to be at the gym (insert other excuse here) by 7:00.” And then, if you’re having an amazing time you can change your plans and say, “Oh, I’ll just skip the gym.” If you’re having a horrible time, get the hell out of there and go meet your girlfriends. Another great idea – meet during your lunch break at work – you’ll only have 45 minutes.

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MySpace and Facebook Ex Purge

May 1, 2008

I did it.

Just deleted several ex-boyfriends from my Facebook and MySpace pages. Felt wonderful. I highly recommend it. There are a few reasons for this sudden decision, but to spare anyone’s feelings I won’t write about them.

All I can say is that … there are some guys who are earning the purple octopus label. There are others, who are fighting a valiant fight, defying the odds and making me scratch my head wondering when their purple octopus eyes will pop out.

Read my past post on Do You Keep Up with Your Ex on MySpace or Facebook for more virtual love fun.

There is hope.

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Why online dating gets a bad name…

April 28, 2008

Here are some personals ads I found on Craigslist tonight. Went here on purpose knowing I would find gold!

Breakfast in Bed? (Yuck!!! – I don’t want to see ANYONE at 5:00am, let alone a stranger.)

Consider getting to know me over breakfast in bed? I know this sounds completely out of the ordinary and you probably are thinking “OK I know where this is going”, but hold on. Seriously, breakfast in bed with a stranger. We set the boundaries, determine the proper attire for our breakfast in bed date and then order the food. I love the early morning hours so would like to do this between 5:00 and 7:00 am (I suppose I have just lost most of you). I want to sit side by side, pillow behind our backs, trays on our laps, fresh brewed coffee aroma swirling through the air, toast and jelly, perhaps eggs and bacon, OJ and some giggly laughter. After breakfast we get up and head off to meet the day.

Are you adventourous enough to join me?

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Does your online dating profile need a make over?

April 18, 2008

In lieu of yesterday’s sarcastic and totally fake personals ad that some of you actually took seriously, I want to pass on some tips on the right way to write a personals ad for dating online.

Online Dating Profile Tips

1. Be honest with yourself. What are deal breakers? What must you have and what would you like to have? Try to express these and then you’ll be on a roll.

2. Be funny. Don’t take yourself too seriously, but at the same time don’t go over the top with lame jokes.

3. Don’t post a picture of yourself with your shirt off. Please…oh, and drop the pics of you and your best friend Suzy snuggling up in a restraurant booth together.

4. Don’t brag about your amazing book collection and please don’t tell me how much you love to have candlelit dinners and slow walks on the beach.

5. Pick an appealing username. Don’t kill yourself with a play on words…try a play on something like your street name or your dog’s name. Please, whatever you do don’t pick anything like “BigJohnForYou.”


FYI: I refuse to do online dating again after my past experiences with eHarmony. And after all it’s Spring – there are men every where. The coffee shop, the book store, the park …

Here’s my list on the Top Spots for Single Mamas to Meet Men. Thought it deserved another look now that spring has sprung.

What are your profile writing tips? I am definitely not an expert…I am an expert browser. So I am an authority in telling guys what not to post, as most of us women are … but guys – what do you see on the other side in profiles that turns you off?

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Breaking News: A really, really cool single parent network!

April 8, 2008

Benjamin had his first swimming lesson on Sunday. Despite my extreme hang over, we got in the car with our little beach bag filled with one pair of tiny swim trunks, swimming diapers, towels and flip flops. We pulled into the parking garage and another car pulls up next to ours and out emerges the […]

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Try for Free.

January 15, 2008

When you’re a single mom or a single dad online dating is sometimes the only viable option. You can’t get out of the house at night without shelling out for a sitter so one solution is shopping for your men or women online.

I personally didn’t have much luck dating online but I largely blame E-Harmony for that. Read about why I think E-Harmony is a scam here. But there are so many other sites out there and when you can try one for free – why not?

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How to change or hide your MySpace or Facebook relationship status

January 3, 2008

To change your relationship status on MySpace:

1. Go to Background & Lifestyle

2. And – whalah – you’re there. Sounds so easy but filing your relationship under “background and lifestyle” can be a bit misleading. The first time I had to change my status on MySpace it took me at least 15 minutes to figure it out…I was scrolling through every tab – so frustrating. Anyway there you go.

To change your relationship status on Facebook:

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E-Harmony Really Does Suck: Worst web site of the year by Time Magazine

December 10, 2007

My experience with E-Harmony over the past year has been a continuous disappointment. I think it’s one of the biggest scams out there, preying on innocent singles who are truly looking for love. Therefore, I want to keep getting the word out there to avoid the site all together. Instead sites like Yahoo Personals and have served myself and my friends much better. Because in the end, the E-Harmony matching system is a joke.

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E-Harmony’s Matches are Dead Wrong

November 13, 2007

I’ve been an online dating “lurker” since my divorce. I actually joined eHarmony on last year’s very depressing Valentine’s Day. I wanted to find someone. So, I turned to eHarmony. Here’s my review.

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A Personals Ad that Will Make you Laugh Out Loud

October 29, 2007

Was just inspired by Clark, and and entry on his Single Dad blog to post a hilarious personal I once saw on Craigslist. It was so funny I actually e-mailed it to my sister.

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