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One Year Later: Mia’s Story

December 3, 2009

Nightmares By Mia I woke myself up from a deep sleep at 7am weeping. Like the kind of crying that you can only do alone. Curled up in a ball not sure if I was still in the dream or not. The crying felt good though. It felt like home. As I cried I longed […]

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Jon & Kate + the Del Mar?

August 4, 2009

The e-mails one receives when quoted by in regards to Jon & Kate Plus 8… “I saw your comments on Kate and the rumors about her involement with her bodyguard.  If the media did a little checking around, Kate has been know to have some connection with the Thoroughbred industry and horse racing.  If […]

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A Little Surprise & Date Night

July 21, 2009

UPDATE & DISCLAIMER: All words ever written about Mia’s Other Woman on this blog are mine and mine alone, unless otherwise noted. Because we have been best friends our entire lives, I don’t even have Mia proof my posts – she trusts me. Whenever I write about her Other Woman, again because Mia is like […]

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Mia’s Story Part III

February 12, 2009

Facebook, girlfriends, and The Other Woman (just when I thought she was gone) By Mia Now that I have some time on my hands I was finally convinced to join Facebook. “A way to reconnect”…” to get to know people you had forgotten about”… none of this sounded appealing to me at all. But I […]

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Mia’s Story, Part II

January 29, 2009

Discovering Me By Mia So now that I am feeling better about what has happened to my relationship I seem to be strangely aware. I am realizing that things are changing, along with the rise of my spirit. Like roaches, I will notice things in the house that belong to him – shaving cream still […]

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Mia’s Story, Part I

January 6, 2009

One thing about a divorce or separation is the division of everything in the house. Some things go. Some stay. Unlike the broken pieces of our hearts and souls… we can control our environment. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to heal is to change things up. Paint. Decorate. Anything to get out with the […]

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