Awkward Brunch: in Which Adonis and I Bump Into Each Other on a Date

by Molly Undercover on August 22, 2017

Like all real things, there is a complicated side to ‘uncomplicated’.  

My dream date with Adonis , for example. It was lovely, but puzzling. In between dates, we have been practically strangers to each other. He’ll ignore my texts until he wants to talk to me. Much of our lives are kept sealed away like nuclear waste. I actually like that. But

There are times when I question whether I have the stomach. 

This past Saturday felt like too much. I went to a breakfast cafe with Tim for a fun mom-and-kid breakfast.

I made sure I was on my game, beauty-wise, as I usually try to do. I live in the same neighborhood with Adonis, and considered ahead of time that it could happen that we’d run into each other. I wore a cute bare-shouldered top, hair in beachy waves, and a glossy red lip. As Tim and I were finishing our trendy plates, in saunters Adonis with a beautiful lady conspicuously dressed in the previous night’s date-dress. 

It’s ok. We’ve dated, that’s all. But what was awkward was that he hid his face. I tried to catch his eye. I just wanted to maybe just to give him a wink, a knowing glance to let him know ‘I see you. Rock on with your sexy self’. It would have been a human and decent thing for him to do to give a hello. In my opinion, it is not nice to ignore people if they’re an object of your affections. 

As Tim and I left, I did what I probably shouldn’t have; I glanced backto see if I was being seen.  I almost turned into a pillar of salt; the lovely lady was gazing over her shoulder at me!Why was she watching me? The next thought I had sucked. Had he gone through all of the same activities of MY dream date he and I had shared, but with her, the night before? Was it all just a routine, not real, and an act? Was I just a passive subject in his self-absorbed Adonis Show?

I thought, jokingly in my mind, about how, later, I’d tease Adonis, saying that I didn’t say hi to him because I was just trying to be discreet, knowing Adonis would surely be jealous of my captivating date (Tim). 

Is this guy a snake or just a guy who is honest about women, and makes no promises? What do you think?


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Donna December 30, 2017 at 12:51 pm

He seems to have a guilty conscious. A distinct lack of character. I wonder what became of this. Thanks for the honest sharing!


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