How Ms. Single Mama Will Live On. I need you!

by mssinglemama on July 31, 2012

Thanks to all of you who have hopped over to I love that you are there, continuing our journey with us. We just had a really fun thrift giveaway. You wouldn’t believe the bag I found. So cute!


For those of you still here and still very much single mothers I have a few items I’d like to throw your way:

1. Who would like to be Ms. Single Mama approved? Do you have a blog about being a single mother? Email me at and I will review your blog. If you’re approved, you’ll receive one of these nifty little badges. Use the subject line: MSM Approved

Don’t steal it… that would be mean.

2. Would any of you like to guest blog for Ms. Single I don’t want this website to die or disappear at all. In fact, I want it to continue and live on. The archives and posts here walk readers through my journey as a single mother and there’s so much here to learn from. If you are interested in guest blog posting, please email with subject line: Guest Blog Posting By a Human (to prevent from spam). Also, I am going to be really, really picky about who guest blogs for me. Your writing should be engaging and your story should be compelling and most of all, positive. What have you learned? What could you share? How can your experience help other single moms?

3. Check out my latest post on Beauty and the Biker, in which I shove a cake into my brother-in-law’s face, allow my child to try a margarita and narrowly escape a religious debate at the in-laws and go ziplining in Columbus. You can read it here.

4. If you are going to BlogHer, leave a comment. I would like to set up an impromptu gathering of the single mom bloggers who are attending. Leave a comment here and I’ll check in to see if you are going, or @ me on Twitter – @mssinglemama.

Thank you! Look forward to your emails.

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