A new home.

by mssinglemama on July 19, 2012

Some of you have just discovered Ms. Single Mama, some of you have been here since the beginning.

All along the way we’ve shared our trials and our victories and it’s been an absolutely incredible experience. I think this blog has truly accomplished something magnificent. This is evidenced by the emails I still get every single day from those of you who have found this community and then been moved to leave abusive relationships or flat out just plain bad relationships and others who are single moms who finally feel empowered and proud of how far they have come.

However you slice it, we have moved mountains.

There are over 20,000 unique visitors to this Website every month. There have been over 3,250,000 page views and there have been over 25,000 comments. All by single moms who, before this blog and the others that were created before it, had very few “real” sources for what it is truly like to be a modern single mom. We don’t fit into traditional stereo types and we don’t have a collective voice. We are hushed by some, but have learned not to be. We are who we are and, by the way, our children will be just fine (gasp).

As my long time readers know I have had a few panic attacks and nearly shut this blog down on several occasions. I have long since accepted the fact that I can’t stop publishing my story. For myself, sure. It’s fun. I love writing, I love publishing, I love creating. But also for my children and their children. I want this story to be somewhere for them to find. And for all of you. For every single parent out there who is just trying to figure this stuff out.

For that reason, this story will continue. In part here. I won’t be abandoning Ms. Single Mama completely. But for the most part, the story will continue here – on a new blog that fits the new chapter in my life, in our life…

I hope you love it as much as we do! And we can’t wait to see you after the hop. Click here.


The winner of the bag is Hollie Barnes (can you email me – at mssinglemama@gmail-dot-com. Congratulations!



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