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by mssinglemama on July 11, 2012

Sleep has always been a touchy subject for me. I never get enough of it and I am jealous of people who do. I envy well rested people like most women envy dewy, perfect skin or thin thighs. You can have your thighs and your skin, I just want sleep.

I used to dread sleeping.

During college sleeping proved to be a difficult task for a girl who loved to party nearly as much as she loved getting an A+ on her anthropology test. And after college I went and got myself a job in morning radio which means I had to wake up at 4:00 AM every morning. Very healthy for a 20-something who was staying out until 2:00 AM.

Needless to say, I would make a fantastic candidate for a sleep clinic studying the long term effects of sleep deprivation or irregular sleep patterns.

When I quit the day job back in 2009, I was in total denial at the time, but I had a few months there of full blown insomnia. Even during good years, steady jobs and good boyfriends, it would still take me at least 30-45 minutes every night to fall asleep.

Before we were officially living together, Seth would come over nearly every night.

No matter how late it was and no matter how tired we were–he would make his way to my house. But only after the kids were tucked in and asleep. They were living with Seth’s parents, a very fortunate situation for all involved. Fortunate that they could help while Seth recovered from the divorce and selfishly fortunate because he could escape every night to come to my house.

After we would relinquish and exhaust all waking moments together, I would lay my head on his chest, listen to his steady breathing and then, just minutes later, I would fall asleep. After checking his pockets for sleep drugs he could be slipping into my drinks and after he convinced me he was not a sorcerer or practicing some kind of black magic voodoo, I accepted the impossible that was now possible.

I had found my cure. Sure, he’s a six foot three hairy biker, but I’d take it.

As soon as he was sure I was out he would slowly roll out from under me. I would always wake up and through half open eyes whisper him a good-bye. I hated to see him go but completely understood why – he had to be there in case they woke up and when they woke up. And I loved him for it.

When they moved in Seth didn’t have to leave anymore but he did have terms. In exchange for my sound sleeping machine (him) I would have to fit a King sized bed (his) in our room. We made it work with lots and lots of purging. I made fun of him about the sheer size of the thing for weeks before I found out he has to sleep in a King or else his feet hang off the end of a Queen. I shook of the guilt and sucked it up but his bed was atrocious for other reasons. I would fall asleep fine but wake up tossing and turning because it was so uncomfortable.

So when Sleep Number emailed us asking if we’d like a new bed in exchange for a blog post (this post is sponsored by the way) I said, “Ummmmmm. Yeah.”

I’m a total bed sell out. Completely and totally.

So, we all drove to the nearest Sleep Number store and got fitted for our new memory foam bed. Seth went first and clearly took his 3D body scan very seriously.

At some point, Benjamin pirated the camera.

And wouldn’t leave us alone.

He even caught us attempting a cuddle. Just habit, I suppose.

There are plenty of other shots from other angles you will not be seeing.

And finally, the photographer, taking a well-deserved break.

Thank you Sleep Number. We love the bed, of course! How couldn’t you with the custom sides and everything and the remote control action to boot? Essentially, Internet, we each choose our level of firmness and both Seth and I are sleeping like babies.


I received a free Sleep Number m7 Memory Foam  Bed to review for Select Number/Sleep Number for this post. And it is AMAZING. Please visit them on Facebook here.

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