Gremlins and candy.

by mssinglemama on June 22, 2012

A conversation with Benjamin (who just turned six).

Benjamin: “Mommy, do you have to go to work today?”

Me: “Yes.”

Benjamin: “Why do adults have to work, even in the summer?”

Me: “I’ll tell you, but you’re not going to like the answer.”

Benjamin: “Tell me, tell me!”

Me: With a dramatic pause, “Adults never get a summer break.”

He gasps. His mouth drops open and his eyes widen.

Benjamin: “No way? Except for weekends, right?”

Me: “Yes, there are Saturdays and Sundays. That’s why sometimes we just want to lay around on the weekend.”

Benjamin: “Do you like your job?”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I love it. But, I started my own business – that makes it more fun.”

Benjamin: “So, you’re the boss of everyone?”

Me: “Yes. But I don’t really call myself their boss.”

Benjamin: “So, you can tell them ‘Hey you! Go get me some candy or else you’re fired!'”

I’ll have to admit, it’s a job perk I hadn’t thought of before. Smart little Gremlin.


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