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by mssinglemama on June 15, 2012

As a doctor’s daughter, I practically grew up in a hospital. I spent nights in his office. I don’t know why, I guess I just wanted to go to work with Daddy and sleep in his uncomfortable hospital cot. Point is, I know hospitals and I can say with authority that the new Nationwide Children’s Hospital is not your average hospital.

This is the waiting room.

If you can even call it a waiting room.

You can actually hear birds chirping and see kits flying on the walls. It’s absolutely unbelievable and when you’re there you have to remind yourself that you are in a hospital.

The idea, of course, is to lift the spirits of the children when they need it the most. And the parents get to sit in these.

I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves in doctor’s offices is the uncomfortable seating arrangements. You’re there for hours, your child is sick and you’re uncomfortable. Not here. Not a single detail was left unanswered in the design of this hospital.

Last week, myself and my fellow Columbus parent bloggers and influencers were invited to tour the hospital. Afterwards we got to sit down with a pediatrician, a child nutritionist and a child psychologist. The video is here, if you want to hear my questions and their answers. I asked a lot about Benjamin and his “high-energy”, wondering if it is directly related to his diet.

Also, you can leave a wish for the patients, their families and even the hospital staff on the Nationwide Children’s Hospital wishing tree (designed by Cement Marketing!). It’s truly an amazing site and the wishes are both heart breaking and heart warming to read. You won’t forget the words and the pictures, they stay with you.

And hold your little bugs tight, I hope they never, ever see the inside of this placeā€“but if they must, they’ll be in the best hands.


A shot of everyone who came on the tour.

You can see Nate Riggs behind Aaron‘s head there. Ha! Aaron’s awesome blog is here. And there’s Lara K. on the far right, Rachel from Hounds in the Kitchen behind her, Katie in the back there, known online as Nate and O’s Mom, Sally on the left (with the cute blond bob) who writes Real Mom Nutrition, Tiffany is hiding behind Dr. Mike, she writes Nature Moms blog. Toni of Columbus Mommies is all the way in the back (pink shirt).

Not in this picture but also there: Christina (A Mommy’s Story), Susan Porter (Thoughts from the Edge), Lindsey from the Lean Green Mean Blog. There were so many more and it was so much fun. Thanks to the Children’s team for making it happen.


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