Single Moms and Dads: Dating and Blending Family Advice

by mssinglemama on June 13, 2012

So… we had our first Google Hangout.

None of you were actually there to “hang out” with us. I’m not surprised, it’s a weird new medium and you’d actually be on camera!!! Talking directly to us. Totally freaky. But, so many of you there chiming in on Facebook, asking us questions on Twitter and we answered them all! Fun, fun, fun! Of course, we rambled a lot and fumbled with the camera and the computers. But overall, there is some very serious advice in here from Seth and I.

The topics tonight included:

Here’s the coolest thing about G+ Hangouts. Now it’s a YouTube video. Enjoy. And please,  join us for the next one.

Don’t miss our next Single Moms & Dads G+ Hangout:

Thursday, June 21st at 9:00 PM (EST).

We’ll be posting the link to the live YouTube video on Twitter.  Do you have questions for next week’s broadcast? How about how to pick up men? My favorite. ;  )


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