On the beach.

by mssinglemama on June 9, 2012

I just disappeared from this great, wide thing we call the Internet for six entire days. Typically, I live and die by my inbox. But not this week. Nope. With the exception of my Instagram and a few Facebook updates, it was all beach and all family all week. No business. No email. No blogging. Just us.

Seth caught Benjamin and I on the beach in this picture. Me with my wine, Benjamin ready to run into the waves fully dressed to practice his surfer moves.

I had no idea Myrtle Beach was so beautiful. I’ll be posting all of our pictures later this week. Stay tuned for those. Also, during one of our zen beach moments Seth and I decided it would be awesome “meet” you all. We want to have a Google+ video hang out with all of you. We know there are endless questions about blended families or dating as a single parent. To answer them, we will take your questions live via the Google+ Hang Out or you can tweet your questions during it and watch the hang out live. After its finished, the Hang Out will be featured on YouTube. It will be the perfect opportunity to directly answer your questions and make this a two–way conversation.

Ms. Single Mama and Seth Hang Out!

Wednesday, June 13th at 9:00 PM (EST). Stay tuned to my Twitter account before the event for a link to the Google+ Hang out. You’ll need a computer with a Webcam to participate, or you can tweet questions to us and watch the hang out live.

Right now… a fun prize.

To reward those of you who are still here and reading after my totally selfish vacation and hiatus, I’m giving away this cute set of vintage finds I picked up at a Columbus thrift store the day we got home.

1. A super cute vintage turquoise wallet.
2. A black and white scarf. Will go perfectly with this season’s brights and patterns.
3. A pair of genuine snake skin vintage heels. Size 8, they run small. These are the real deal. Beautiful!

To win:

Simply let me know in the comment which of the three you would prefer. Please only ask for the shoes if they fit you! All three prizes will come with one of the last remaining new leaf necklaces. Tell me why you think you deserve the item. Right a self-affirming, positive statement. Something like, “I deserve a cute new wallet, because I just [fill in the blank]”. I’ll be choosing three winners based on who makes me laugh, cry, smile or just plain want to give it to you. I’ll know you when I read you.

And, thank you to Visit Myrtle Beach, Vision Airlines (now offering direct flights from Columbus to Myrtle Beach for $99.00 each way – wow), Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament (oh yeah, baby, kids loved it) and finally to Island Vista Resort (ummmm… don’t even know where to begin). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We will be back.




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