The Honeymooners

by mssinglemama on May 2, 2012

“What do people without children do on the weekends?” Seth asks. His legs are extending over the ottoman.

“I have no idea.”

It’s been one week since our spontaneous back yard wedding and we still have the honeymoon glow. We’re both so happy, in spite of a few external forces that have presented themselves–a change in the team at Cement, a shift in employment for Seth. But now here we are with an entire weekend free from the kids, from work, from any obligations whatsoever.

And here’s what we did. Rather than going out to breakfast at Skillet or North Star (our two favorite spots), we chose to stay in and make some of our own. I made this hash with potatoes (boil them for 10 minutes first), bacon, sausage, canned fire roasted red peppers from Trader Joe’s, onions and garlic,.

We were both in absolute heaven.

And believe me, it tasted even better than it looks.

Yum. Then, after breakfast, we relaxed. It was a rainy day and we decided to spend most of it watching Mad Men and drinking whiskey. Saturday night we spent with friends and ended up back in our living room writing songs until the early morning hours. On Sunday, the weather was perfect. So, I set to gardening – a massive job, as evidenced by my wedding pictures – and Seth went to work in the garage, where he has set up a leather workshop.

He came home one day with a raw cow hide and a bunch of tools and said, “this is for a bag.” And now, it’s starting to take shape and am in awe watching it unfold.

That’s the front of a briefcase. The cuff looks like this.

We’ll be posting them to Etsy soon, of if you are interested in buying one for your man, just email me and we can arrange something. Then, for dinner, it was Seth’s turn to cook. He went with ribs and some homemade sauce.

I would share the recipe but it was so delicious, we are plotting now on bottling it for the masses or at the very least, for a ribs and taco truck we’ve been dreaming about.  Archer even had some… he’s now been completely trained to be leash-free.

Things are truly awesome in happy honeymooner land. Both of us have found our life partners in each other, our best friends, and our co-parents. When I talk about our relationship to some of my single girlfriends the reactions vary. There are those who are shocked and filled with doubt, others who are inspired, those who look at their own relationship and see the same, and those who shrug it off as if Seth and I won the lottery in finding each other with a “it will never happen to me” attitude.

Where do you fall?

If you are in the “it will never happen to me” camp, I can say with certainty, that it won’t. You are your own self-fulfilling prophecy. In the months leading up to meeting Seth, I had opened my heart again and believed, truly, that I would meet him someday. My symptoms included lots of Lifetime TV movie watching and an announcement to my single girlfriends at dinner one night that I knew exactly what I wanted, and that I wouldn’t settle for anyone less so. I remember their faces, I was determined and I tried to describe him – he’s passionate about life, he’s active, he’s a father, he’s a man with a tender heart, he’s incredibly intelligent and incredibly kind.

He is my partner and I will find him. And I won’t settle for anything less.

Say it out loud. Try it. See if it comes true…

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