Where did my baby go?

by mssinglemama on April 10, 2012

Look at him.

Can you believe how big he is? In his too short pants. Had to buy him new pants yesterday. He’s outgrown every single pair. I read a saying from another mom once that went something like this, “The days are slow, but the years are fast.”

And he is playing Angry Birds. Hence the angry face.

Also, Benjamin was labeled a “high energy” kid by his teachers in Kindergarten. After several consultations with the pros we found out that he does not have ADD, he has an intense sensitivity to sugar. I took all of the sugar out of his diet and – poof – the kid is a changed man. He still has his moments, but his teacher is astounded at the difference. We didn’t have a heavy sugar diet at all beforehand, but if you read labels on everything you’ll see there is sugar in so much of what we eat. It’s been over a month now and he’s totally on board. He doesn’t beg and throw fits for sugar. He just knows he feels better without it.

The book that led us to this revelation is here.

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