I don’t want a naked Cowboy.

by mssinglemama on March 20, 2012

When we left for Texas Benjamin had a specific request – a cowboy doll and an Indian doll.

He described the dolls he had never really seen in great detail. They would be about 10 inches tall and they could move and shoot things. I put two and two together and realized later that he’d been inspired by the movie, the Indian and the Cupboard. Regardless, it seemed easy enough. Cowboy and Indian dolls had to exist.

Turns out, as Seth and I discovered after scouring every toy store in Austin, they don’t. In fact, even Amazon.com and the great wide Internets don’t have cowboy and Indian dolls. Fortunately, we found a doll store in San Antonio. The store owner quickly led us to Davy Crockett. Without any other option, we snapped him up thinking – “He was truly a cowboy and an Indian.” When I called Benjamin to tell him we’d scored a doll he asked, “Does he have a gun?”


“Does it work?”


“Ughhhh… why not?”

“Because he’s a toy, Benjamin.”

“Okay. Well, does he have clothes?”


“Good. Because I don’t want a naked cowboy.”

Oh, he definitely has clothes. A coonskin cap, a tobacco pouch and gun powder thingy. I was skeptical at first. Would Benjamin go for an old doll from 1955? The doll is a character doll by Disney from the original Davy Crockett movie. And they just don’t make them like this anymore:

I thought Benjamin would think he was freaky, but he loves him to death and has completely embraced his awesomeness.

This is a pond, and forest for Davy to play in. There is an Indian campground to the right you can’t quite see.

Hurray for Davy Crockett and old toys that actually move. His hands bend, his legs and he sticks out like a sore thumb in Benjamin’s toy pile. But, as Seth discovered Davy was also made in China, all the way back in 1955, Disney was outsourcing jobs overseas. Crazy, right?


Thought I would share a dreamy single dad with you (on a motorcyle). Eh-hem.

Benjamin and I have something in common, I suppose. We both wished for something – and against all odds, or hope that it existed – we found it!


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