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by mssinglemama on March 15, 2012

I did not take nearly enough photographs. I was too busy enjoying … everything.

The SXSW Interactive Festival was a mad house. Too busy. Too big. Yes. But, still, the spirit of SXSWi lives on in that every one there is a part of something greater, coming together to celebrate another year of doing what we all love – creating interactive experiences, whether they be online, offline, in a game or on Facebook. The creative energy is just astounding and it was a remarkable experience to just be there. But, I ended up skipping most of the panels and just hanging out with my man.

And can you blame me?

Eh-hem. Anywhooo…

Seth used to live in San Antonio, not too far down the road from Austin. And, as some of my long time readers know, I used to live in Fort Worth, not too far up the road from Austin. But we are both from Columbus. So, what happens when you get two single parents child-free and in their favorite state next to their home state?

Well, there definitely wasn’t a shortage of beer.

And iPhones. Which we used to constantly check up on all of the SXSW parties we couldn’t get into. In case you were wondering how to drink a beer and plan an entire evening… watch the master.




Take another drink.


Take a picture of your girlfriend (who has, by the way, given up all hope of actually getting into any parties and as a result is feeling completely old and uncool).

Repeat. All while maintaining conversation with said girlfriend.

I am constantly amazed by Seth’s ability to maintain optimism, peace and calm against all odds. His texting/tweeting spree there landed us invites to a handful of awesome parties, just enough to make me feel cool again.

I was feeling especially uncool because the night before I had a run-in with a guy named David Armano. He only has about 42,000 Twitter followers. I, thanks to my friend Don Julio, approached him in a bar to let him know that his mobile Website stunk. I thought I was doing him a favor. After all, how could the Vice President of “Fill in Self-Inflating Title Here” not be aware of the fact that his mobile site needed some work? I thought it would be a good conversation starter.

Instead he reacted very defensively and then demanded rudely to know,”who are you and what have you done?”


How do you answer even that question?

What have you done?

I didn’t answer, knowing he would measure my life accomplishments by my job title, the company I work for (own) or the number of Twitter followers I have. Needless to say, the conversation didn’t end well. I told him my mobile site for Cement Marketing is equally as awful as Edelman’s. But, I pointed out, the difference between you and I – Mr. Armano – is that I can admit mine sucks. You can find David on his blog here.

When I walked away, shamed and humiliated by this mean little man with a flower in his hair, Seth was there. He thought it was hilarious, of course, and managed to make me feel completely better. How does he do that? I have no idea. Maybe it’s his smile. He smiles from the inside. No, he beams.

Seth and I decided on day three in Austin that it was high time to rent a motorcycle. Or, I should say – Seth decided.

I have to admit, I love riding with him. It’s totally frightening, but I am equally as frightened every time I get in a car, on a bus or on a plane. Putting yourself onto a moving vehicle of any kind is dangerous. But on a bike, it’s dangerous and more fun. I have a feeling it won’t be long before I’ll be very bored of the passenger seat and itching for one of my own.

We parked the bike in front of the Continental Club

and then parked our butts on a bench to be second in line for James McMurtry.

The wait was worth sitting this close to one of the greatest songwriters in Texas. Listen to this one.

Everywhere we went, we stumbled into amazing little Austin bars and even better bands. Like Wildflowers. Two absolutely lovely, beautiful friends of Seth’s who we are hoping we can coerce to make the trip up this way some day. And then Reckless Kelly…

Here’s a song by them for single moms everywhere. “You were raised with your head held high, but anyone can see it’s just a clever disguise… you’ve always been a little scared to open your heart because you’re always scared of getting taken for a ride.”

Yep. I’d say. Until, of course, you learn to love yourself again.

How can you learn to love yourself again? Start by finding a passion. Find something else to love – not a man – a something. A blog. A hobby. An activity. A city. Travel! Join a yoga class. Volunteer. Anything. Learn to love again… it’s worth making it to the other side. I promise you that.


Will announce Job Jenny winners soon…  thanks to everyone who left a comment. You’re all remarkable.

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