With children piled high.

by mssinglemama on February 27, 2012

It’s bedtime.

We are finished reading. (I am obsessed with a few new books [new to us]. This one, this one and this one.)

At first we had some growing pains. Benjamin jealous of my time or attention, particularly at bedtime, to the other children. And now, he is changing, accepting and truly loving our new family.

Benjamin comes to me first, falling into me for a big, good night hug. Then Seth’s daughter and immediately after, his son. All three are piled high on me. I am, in fact, covered in a blanket of children.

And nothing could be finer.

A child’s heart, I’m seeing, has no bounds and children, unlike us baggage-ridden adults, can love without boundaries. Endlessly they love. All of their parents. The step parents and their real parents. It is incredibly humbling and awesome at the same time.

I have so much to learn from them.


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