by mssinglemama on November 18, 2011

Just thought you would all like to see this mysterious guy who has me completely smitten.

And he definitely knows how to make me laugh…

We are completely aware of how obnoxious we are to the outside world, but we can’t help this. It is what it is.

Some things the picture won’t show you: the sound of his laugh, which comes so easily and reminds me exactly of my father’s, the way he walks with a confidence that comes from surviving the shit storm life has thrown at him, the way he looks at his children and holds them in his arms like feathers, the way he has done everything in his power to keep them happy, healthy and thriving and my heart bursting with happiness because we have finally found each other.


We were on the CTA in Chicago, heading to Lincoln Park to hear the Barr Brothers. We had a time and the show was spectacular. Listen.


I am sorry if I have lost some of you as readers due to taking my break. While it was the right thing to do for us, it was not necessarily the right reaction. For that, I am truly sorry.

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