The fearless

by mssinglemama on September 29, 2011

Benjamin and his bud Bert jump out of the car. We’ve pulled up to the most exciting place on Earth.

The Eagle Creek Leadership and Challenge Center to you and I, but to Benjamin and Bertie this is where Thomas and Calvin’s grandpa lives. Thomas and Calvin are quite possibly the cutest brothers you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

And when they talk it’s even better. Smart as whips. Sweet as sugar. And the woman largely responsible for their adorable little selves is one of my best single mama friends.

Elizabeth makes this shit look easy. And she hates, hates, hates having her picture taken. Justifiably so because pictures don’t truly capture her spirit or beauty– I doubt any camera could.

Calvin and Thomas’ grandfather, Tom, prefers the nickname O.G. (stands for Old Guy). Far from an old guy, O.G. has more energy at 62 than most twenty-something men I know.

That’s Bert on the donkey. Bert’s mother makes upcycled children’s clothing by hand. You won’t believe how beautiful her pieces are and you’ll want to buy ever one of them. Back to the farm…

We start with the bunnies.

After the bunnies O.G. leads the boys into the barn where he teaches them how to properly leap from a pile of hay bales.

I find myself wishing I was a boy. Or at least a little kid again. The action drew a crowd.

After the hay, O.G. and the boys take off to the next destination. The electric cars

and motorcyle

While the boys are driving around, O.G. is busy planning the next activity. This one requires a ladder, some rope

and putting Thomas in a harness.

And then O.G. swings Thomas, around and around.

Benjamin is next.

You’d think O.G. would be running out of energy by now. But nope, next we head to the platform that leads to nowhere.

O.G. has team and leadership training sessions out here for corporations. He mentions this is how they end the day –conquering the fear of walking off a plank. The challenge? Strap yourself in and then walk off the platform to no where. You end up swinging back and forth but that initial drop feels is probably what gets you, the moment when gravity takes over.

Calvin is first. He has absolutely no hesitation. Suits up and walks off the edge. Little Thomas follows his big brother. Benjamin isn’t so quick to decide. He’s hesitating and I can completely understand why. I’m petrified just watching. But after some coaxing from O.G.

Benjamin puts one foot in front of the other

And then he jumps, swinging back and forth until the nice man at the bottom caught him.

The boys wind down with a run of O.G.’s obstacle course and then we head home.

The day has me thinking about fear and how completely freeing it is to be fearless. I mean really, what is the difference between a five year old and yourself? The experience, the hurt, the pain you’ve lived through. Imagine if you could eliminate that baggage? Could you learn to love again? Can we ever really fall in love again? Like we did before becoming single moms? I think we can.

We just have to step off that plank and trust that the rope will break our fall.

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