How do you do it?

by mssinglemama on September 24, 2011

I posed this question on Facebook a few weeks back and the responses were tremendously inspiring and motivating.

The question was sparked by an e-mail from a new single mom who asked me how I did it, how I continue to do it and what advice I could offer to her to make her days brighter. At that moment she was struggling with how she could possibly survive being a single mom. I never responded and now I can’t find the e-mail. Sad about that, so if you’re reading–accept my apology.

My response:

I remember feeling that way and I know my long time readers remember when I felt that way. But, now, things are completely different–I enjoy being a single mom.

So what happened? Well, it could very well be circumstance–I now have a support network of neighbors and a strong, tight group of girlfriends who are single moms, Benjamin is also older and things are easier, and I work for myself and have flexible hours. Or, it could be because I have adapted and accepted single motherhood. The shock has worn off and I have accepted this as my life. I have also realized that even if a man enters our lives, things won’t magically be easier.

Regardless, I do know the single moms with little ones–babies or toddlers– have it the hardest.

What tips do you have for new single moms? Leave a comment! As incentive, I’ll be giving away a new leaf necklace to one of you who comments on this post. The winner will be drawn randomly. Good luck!

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