I need a wife.

by mssinglemama on September 11, 2011

There is a blog post here. In my head. But I don’t have time to write it.

Darn it.

I can’t believe I still have readers when I barely have time to write anymore. Such a bummer. But last week I hired a Business Manager and Client Services Director. My secret to success? Keep hiring people to make my work load lighter. So far, so good. Cement Marketing now has eight on the team (including myself). To put that in perspective, I had one employee in December of last year. Here’s a picture of our staff three weeks ago – we now have two more people who aren’t even in the picture.

Crazy, right? And FYI, that’s my little family up there. Although, I’m like the crazy, moody Mom in the family. ; )

Some housekeeping notes:

1. To all of you who pre-ordered your new leaf necklaces, my necklace designer says they are on the way. I’m waiting patiently just like you. As soon as I have them, I will mail them out. I only ordered 50 and I think we’re closing in on selling out – so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, snap it up. I am also working on silver. Hopefully by Christmas.

2. Has anyone seen the Single Mom’s Manifesto? Whatever happened to those three little books. I mailed them out over a year ago now, I think.

And just a diddy about the title of this post…

My mother is the one who first told me I needed a wife. And she is right. To all of the husbands who have stay at home wives who let you focus solely on work–cherish her and treat her like a queen.

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