Make me laugh.

by mssinglemama on August 31, 2011

That’s one thing I can’t compromise on the next time around.

I want him to make me laugh.

And I don’t mean I want my next husband (there probably won’t be one) to make me laugh, or my next boyfriend (that’s a long way off), or the love of my life (I’m a non believer in that sort of thing). To be clear, I want the next man in my life who I am romantically involved with to make me laugh.

That’s it.

Make me laugh.

Smiles, too. Lots of smiles. But laughing, that’s the best. And I’m a tough nut to crack. It’s hard to make me really laugh.

I loved your comments to my last post. I can’t get table concept out of my head. And laughter is something a someone could bring to our table.

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