Fish, Bicycles and Tables

by mssinglemama on August 27, 2011

I love the way this girl thinks.

So (after reading that fabulous link above), tell me–what does he bring to the table? That guy you are dating or considering dating? Or, if you have no flames now, what about your ex? What did he bring to the table?

If you are drawing a blank… well, you can get the drift. What if he actually takes from your table? Makes you feel anxious, plays on your insecurities, or what if he has good intentions but by dating him you are distracted from what matters most?


What a tricky thing, this single mom dating thing. And I have to tell you, now that Benjamin is five years old, dating is not the same. Even if I go out for the night with girlfriends, I am ruined the next day. Tired and hung over do not fit into my schedule. Throw a date in the mix and wow…  there is the prep ahead of time and then the date itself. So, if I am going to take the time to go out with a guy I am finding that my standards and requirements are higher than they ever have been.

My table definitely feels full. And also ringing in my head is the Gloria Steinem quote Angi shared in her comment on this post – ““A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

I love it and would love your thoughts on this.

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