Trapped (and free shoes).

by mssinglemama on August 2, 2011

I’m in an odd limbo right now when it comes to blogging and I don’t feel worthy of you, my reader. I owe you more than this, but for many reasons–some external, I can’t write what I want to write.

I can tell you that I am happy. Incredibly happy. Content even. I don’t have a single complaint (aside from the blazing heat and my shortage of travel funds).

In lieu of a blog post, I have an incredible contest for you – the prize? Shoes!!! Read more for details.

The wonderful folks at, the source for physician recommended shoes and related orthopedic products, have offered me a pair of shoes and another pair for one of you. Ever since Benjamin’s birth I have never quite been able to pull off my four inch heels, a minor tragedy. When I do wear them out I feel it the next day. In my back and all the way down my legs into my knees and even ankles. Dare I say, it’s my “old age”. Ha. Whatever it is, comfortable shoes are mandatory for me now. offers a variety of brands, again – all physician recommended – that don’t compromise style at all. I’m choosing the Kumfs Ziera.

Aren’t they super cute?

Now you pick yours! To enter the contest:

1. Shop the women’s shoes on, (be sure to check out the super cute Kumfs and Ziera sandals. Or help yourself to Sterishoe, this cyborg-like shoe sanitizer that zaps the stink right out of your sneakers).

2. Come back and leave a comment with a link to the pair of shoes you want and your size. Be sure to leave your true e-mail in the comment so I can write you if you win.

3. That’s it! Deadline is Midnight EST on Monday August 8, 2011.

Good luck!

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