Montana, cont.

by mssinglemama on July 19, 2011

Montana blew up my computer. The battery literally overheated and popped out of the laptop. These were the photos I couldn’t upload.

Can you see why they were worth the wait?

This is on the dock outside of our hotel, the Many Glacier.

And this is what Benjamin looks like when he’s cracking up.

I can’t even remember the joke, but I’ll never forget this face.

Or this one.

But he had no interest in posting with me.  I made Ezra take the pictures anyway, because how often are you in front of a backdrop like this one?

I borrowed the sweater from Uncle Ez, because it was freezing there.

It warmed up the next day and we started a three day stretch of hiking. We saw so many views that were out of this world. My camera couldn’t capture it at all. But I tried…

There were waterfalls everywhere.

And Benjamin climbed everything. Remember our trip to visit Matt and Madeline in Joshua Tree? Not much as changed. He scaled the rocks like they were nothing.

This is St. Mary’s Lake.

And here we are. Everyone thought Ez as my husband the entire time, which was totally creeping me out. I mean – can’t you tell we look exactly alike?

How are you, mamas? Keep sending me e-mails and pictures. I love hearing from all of you. And share them with everyone else on the Ms. Single Mama forum.

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