On Mountains and Dumping that Dude

by mssinglemama on July 5, 2011

My camera is not cooperating. I can’t upload a single photo from Montana. My iPhoto keeps crashing, maybe because I took so many?

These pictures from Uncle Ez will do until then. Couldn’t wait to share this one…

The mountain and the lake, Swiftcurrent Lake, were just outside of our hotel – the Many Glacier Hotel – which you can see in the background of this picture.

Absolutely incredible.

How many of you have managed to take trips solo with the little ones? And how much do you love being single in the summer? Isn’t it awesome? Cheers to that. Relationships and men are such a pain sometimes.


So, why do we put up with them (sometimes)?

I was just having this discussion over the weekend with some new friends. And John Bear was never a pain in the a__ - just to make that perfectly clear. I am talking now about a list of women I know personally or professionally who are incredibly successful, beautiful and intelligent but who stay with colossal jerks who are bad for them emotionally and financially.


Does it boil down to a fear that you can’t do any better? Because believe me, Mamas, you can. There are so many amazing, attractive and financially stable drug-free men out there who also treat women well.

Just wanted to remind you of that. And will you please, the Mamas who have found a good man, leave a comment? To share your story and your positive experience with leaving the bad for the good?

If you are on the fence about staying with or leaving a man ask yourself this question? Do you want your son to turn out like him? Do you want your daughter to marry someone like him?

Boom. There’s your answer.

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