Big Sky

by mssinglemama on June 22, 2011

Benjamin and I are in Montana visiting my brother, Ezra, or, Uncle Ezzie.

I wanted to write an awesome blog post and upload some of my pictures – but my blog won’t let me upload anything for some reason. Until then – and over the next few days – check out my Facebook page photo album for pictures.

Benjamin and I are both spectacular. The kid is so happy to be here and on a vacation with his Mommy that I feel like I should go on a permanent vacation, shut down the business and become a traveling gypsy woman – if only because he’s listening to everything, being super sweet and incredibly gracious. At the very least, I am considering working from home two days a week for the rest of the summer to be with him before he’s off to Kindergarten.

How do you balance it all? Maintaining the motherhood balance?

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