The secret to love

by mssinglemama on May 19, 2011

Had a conversation with Benjamin today that had my head spinning about the birds and the bees and all of that jazz for hours. It went something like this.

“Stacey was mad at me today.”

“Why, Honey?”

“Because I told her I wasn’t going to marry her anymore and that I was going to marry you instead.”

“Well, you can’t marry me Benjamin.”

“Why not?” (completely disappointed).

“Because, boys don’t marry their moms. They marry other girls.”

“Well, then I’ll marry Kate. She’s cute.”

“Oh yeah? Really?”

“Yeah, she’s a real cute, cute girl. I really, really love her and I really do want to marry her.” A pause and then, “She chases me every day on the playground. She’s always just chasing me.”

“She is?”

“Yep. And I always run away. I just keep on running.”


A game of chase. And so it begins…

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