Free time.

by mssinglemama on February 23, 2011

My mother kidnapped Benjamin on Monday. There’s no telling when she will bring him back.

When it started snowing at her house, which is on the most beautiful piece of land in Athens County, Benjamin said, “That’s it. I think I have to stay here forever.”

It is always sporadic and unplanned, his mini-vacations to Grandma’s.

Depends on her schedule, which varies from week to week. She’s a free spirit and always reminding me that the unplanned can be quite nice. Had I planned for a week sans Benjamin there would have been much anticipation and expectations. This way, it’s just–a nice, unexpected break from the daily grind.

So, what’s a single mom to do with her free time?

Go out and find men? Get manicures? Massages?

Nope, not going to happen and afraid to say, no.

I am discovering that my old methods of coping and my old ideas of having fun are now null and void. Being a business owner has changed everything. So, no going to bars to find men. I instead am still on my man moratorium and will only date one again if he is introduced via a friend or a professional contact. No bars, no dating sites – no looking. And as for the manicures and massages, back to being a business owner, I can’t spring for them. And also saving for the down payment on our house, which I am now buying from John.

Fun. (With just a hint of sarcasm there).

The most fun, truly? Just being with myself. It’s what I need right now. Peace and quiet, with a few select friends in the mix. Those who are still standing.

Speaking of my business. Here is our new logo:

Exciting, right? I think so and also completely terrifying. If you are an adrenaline junkie, open your own business during a recession.


Did I tell you all that I am certifiably insane? If not, you’ve been warned.

Completely unrelated but it’s been on my mind. Who has seen the manifesto? And do any of you have one now?

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