Here Kitty, Kitty

by mssinglemama on January 20, 2011

Benjamin is requesting a kitty.

I want to oblige him.

Even though I know we would have to name it Rebound.

Still… a cute little kitten can’t hurt anyone. The last two were kidnapped by the neighbor lady, so we have plenty of extra room. And that sad pet commercial with Sarah McLaughlin is killing me.

She’s right. We should help. Maybe two cats? Just so they can keep each other company.

And I love cats. I like how they cuddle and purr and clean up after themselves.

Or, a gold fish.

He has also been asking for a gold fish.

Which will it be? A gold fish, a cat, two cats… or all three? Tomorrow night it’s happening. Benjamin will have a pet of one kind or another.

You decide what kind, because I still feel a bit disoriented about making any permanent decisions.

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