The power of stars

by mssinglemama on January 17, 2011

Disciplining solo is without a doubt one of the hardest things to master as a single mom (if you ever do).

I, for one, have yet to do so–but the older he gets, the easier it gets and when things started getting a little rough before Christmas I created a star chart in the nook.

Super simple and highly effective, so I thought I would share.

I bought some Velcro and pre-cut felt stars at the craft store. Then I took a strip of cardboard and tacked it to the wall with some ultra strong, thick tape. Next, I put the Velcro on one side of the star and the other side on the cardboard strip.

Finally, I tossed a dozen or so $1.00 toys into what I now call “The Toy Box.”

Here’s how it works.

If Benjamin listens (something we’re working on), helps with cleaning up his room or anything else that may come up–he gets a star. If he misbehaves,  a star is taken away. As soon as he hits ten he gets to pick a toy out of the toy box.

I’ve been using the star system for 8 weeks now and it’s been unbelievable. One tip, don’t be over-zealous with giving them. And follow through. One strike and a star is gone. No warnings over and over again. Just take a star away. Be sure to give them the chance to earn one back soon after though.

On average, it takes Benjamin about two-three nights to earn a full ten.

Love it.

Any other tips or tricks?

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