A Man Moratorium

by mssinglemama on January 13, 2011

Something odd is happening.

This break up is like none I have ever experienced before.

I am sad. Sure. But I’m not broken. In the past I felt ripped apart, wide open and I wanted to fill it–as quickly as possible–with someone or something else. But not this time.

And here’s the really weird part, I have no interest in dating or even thinking about other men. Correction. I have no interest in dating or even thinking about a relationship with another man.

If you thought I was jaded before… well, I’m afraid I am now doubly so. Although “jaded” may not be the right term. How about even more independent than I was before? Even less interested in bringing a man into this party? Ever. Again.

I know. I know.

It’s still early. Nearly one month now – can you believe that?

Is this normal? Am I supposed to feel relieved? Like John and I narrowly missed a miserable marriage and that I narrowly missed a second divorce?

And my mother, in addition to several of my friends, have decided that I am now on a man moratorium. They are cutting me off. Enough is enough. I have lost my relationship card after one too many complete oversights in the love department.

How long do you think my moratorium should last? I’m all for it… but I like goals and sticking to commitments. So tell me–how long? One more month? Two? Six? One year? Or how about this? I will go on a man moratorium until I meet someone worth breaking it for. But – that may not work, because that relies on my judgment, which is out of whack.


I think clearly, the moratorium will remain in full effect indefinitely.

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