‘Tis the Season

by mssinglemama on December 7, 2010

My favorite pictures of the season so far, and we haven’t even really started.

I have to stop reading the newspapers because everything “out there” seems so incredibly dismal and depressing. When everything “in here” is quite the opposite. I feel so tremendously fortunate. To pay the universe forward, I’m sending the last 16 new leaf necklaces to our single moms in Thailand. If you are looking for a charity this season… please consider them. Only $120 supports a mom and her child for one month.

This is the end of the new leaf necklaces but I think there are well over 600 of you wearing them. And that is pretty amazing. So, now we’ll have 16 wearing them all the way in Thailand! The energy we all share… I still think those necklaces are lucky charms.


Congratulations to Amanda (you’ve been e-mailed about your Minted.com gift card).


Thanks again for your comments to my last post. It was very hard to write (and publish) but your comments and the lively discussion by some made it well worth sharing.

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